Monday, July 26, 2010

Rocksteady Live in Bohol

TM (Touch Mobile) ASTIGFEST bring Rocksteady live in Bohol as part of Sandugo Celebration. This four wacky guys just rock the Boholanos as they sung their hit singles like "Ayos Lang Ako", "Break Na Tayo", "Lagi Mo Nalang Akong Dinededma", "Leslie" to name a few. Teddy Curpos the lead singer of the band take the night to its highest level with his unique way to entertain people not just in singing but also in his joke that surely make everybody laugh, most remarkable thing he does was when his start singing "Narda by Kamikazee and Inserting three more song after singing their first song on that night "Ayos Land Ako" then he said this "O apat na kaagad yun, siguro naman pwede na kaming umuwi" that made the crowd keep asking for more songs.
Second is when he insert "Street Vending Love Poetry" on the song "Lagi Mo Nalang Akong Dinededma". Teddy seems to have a lot of jokes to spice up the concert. Hes just like a child playing on the spotlight, smoke machine and whatever he wants to do, he does it keeping his Rakista image on the stage.
Six lucky Boholanas are given a favor to kissed and be kissed by Teddy, he he he how amazing to be a rockstar having beautiful girls falling in line just to have a kiss.

The band really had its solid communication to its other. The lead guitarist was playful too strumming the strings and also the bassist and the drummer were both good that made the whole event loud and crazy.
"Boy Kulot" was the last song perforned by the band, it was stunning to have a grand finale like that. That concert was just short but its worth it. Maybe those who came to watch really enjoyed even after the whole day of Sandugo Festival Activities.

Only I don't like was the TM service on the event. Suppose to be they are selling tickets for Php20.00 each with a raffle coupon and a TM sim. But some of the tickets don't include the raffle coupon, a big lose of a chance of winning the prices on the draw. Another thing is, they have chair in front of the stage for VIP pass but they did not clearly announce how to avail the VIP pass that made us stay too far from the stage to take a close up picture of the band.
I could finally say that the band was good but the sponsor was totally a crap.
Good Job Rocksteady and Boo to the Touch Mobile Management.

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