Monday, November 1, 2010

Parokya Ni Edgar Middle-Aged Juvenile Novelty Pop Rockers

One of the most favorite band in the Philippines music industry "Parokya Ni Edgar" had already released there newest album  Middle-Aged Juvenile Novelty Pop Rockers. The songs on these album shows how the band had grown up maturely as an artists but still remains comedic in their style of writing and arranging songs.

First here in my review is the song "Lolo Bye", I don't know what to do while listening on this song, should I sleep or bang until the end of the song. It was like listening a lullaby in a twist of rock.

The song "Ok Lang Ako" says what love can really do. It's about being faithful to an unfaithful, sacrificing for the sake of love and loving unconditionally. It's a tragic song that conveys a message that its better to be hurt sometimes than being sad for the whole life. Its shows the other side of being a Parokya Ni Edgar.

The song "One Hit Combo" featuring Gloc 9 is a tribute song for the artists who inspired the band on their starting days like Eraserheads and Francis M. Its a nice combination of a band and a rap artists. Its not hard to listen because its guitar driven.

The song "Orange" was my favorite on this album, its shows how artistic are the Parokya Ni Edgar members was, writing a song just all about an Orange fruit. It always reminds us that how small a thing is, it could still have a very nice story to be sung. I like its tune and hoe the way it was arranged.

"Original Song" tells how nice being in a band. It's really a Parokya Ni Edgar style with a little twist of Apo Hiking Societies' San Na Nga Ba Ang Barkada. It's a practical song for a band member who just want to rock n' roll for his entire life.

The song "Pakiusap Lang (Lasingin Nyo Ako) tells a story of a lover who just want to have a good time with his friends to forget his heartaches.

The song "Pangarap Lang Kita" tells a classic story, like movies, a poor boy being in love with a rich girl and a girl who can't express her feelings to a boy. This song could really happen in a real life that's why I'm sure many of its listeners could relate on this song, It also includes Korean lyrics on the song that maybe Korean lovers out there will sure want to check out. Hope they could relate on it too.

The song "Red Pants" reminds me of "The Beatles" and "The Platters". It's like listening to an old song. I like the way it was included on this wacky album (although the song was really wacky too). Maybe my parents would like it too. All I understand on this song is that "Red pants are not so good to look at" Lols. Good thing is I'm not really wearing red pants at all.

The song "Reunion (Panahon Ng Kasiyahan)" is like the later Parokya Ni Edgar rendering a song for a Fast Food jingle. Although its new lyrics is nice, I still like the original lyrics.

And last but not the least, the song "Walong Baso", I thought it's a song like "Tama Na Yan Inuman Na" but I was wrong. It's a nice song that tells us that it is important to drink 8 glasses of water a day. Maybe my little siblings should listen in this song. Maybe I should drink 8 glasses of water too to prevent sickness.
All in all, I could say that the album was good, I like the style, the band still remains as being a Parokya Ni Edgar as time goes by. Kudus Parokya Ni Edgar.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Rocksteady Live in Bohol

TM (Touch Mobile) ASTIGFEST bring Rocksteady live in Bohol as part of Sandugo Celebration. This four wacky guys just rock the Boholanos as they sung their hit singles like "Ayos Lang Ako", "Break Na Tayo", "Lagi Mo Nalang Akong Dinededma", "Leslie" to name a few. Teddy Curpos the lead singer of the band take the night to its highest level with his unique way to entertain people not just in singing but also in his joke that surely make everybody laugh, most remarkable thing he does was when his start singing "Narda by Kamikazee and Inserting three more song after singing their first song on that night "Ayos Land Ako" then he said this "O apat na kaagad yun, siguro naman pwede na kaming umuwi" that made the crowd keep asking for more songs.
Second is when he insert "Street Vending Love Poetry" on the song "Lagi Mo Nalang Akong Dinededma". Teddy seems to have a lot of jokes to spice up the concert. Hes just like a child playing on the spotlight, smoke machine and whatever he wants to do, he does it keeping his Rakista image on the stage.
Six lucky Boholanas are given a favor to kissed and be kissed by Teddy, he he he how amazing to be a rockstar having beautiful girls falling in line just to have a kiss.

The band really had its solid communication to its other. The lead guitarist was playful too strumming the strings and also the bassist and the drummer were both good that made the whole event loud and crazy.
"Boy Kulot" was the last song perforned by the band, it was stunning to have a grand finale like that. That concert was just short but its worth it. Maybe those who came to watch really enjoyed even after the whole day of Sandugo Festival Activities.

Only I don't like was the TM service on the event. Suppose to be they are selling tickets for Php20.00 each with a raffle coupon and a TM sim. But some of the tickets don't include the raffle coupon, a big lose of a chance of winning the prices on the draw. Another thing is, they have chair in front of the stage for VIP pass but they did not clearly announce how to avail the VIP pass that made us stay too far from the stage to take a close up picture of the band.
I could finally say that the band was good but the sponsor was totally a crap.
Good Job Rocksteady and Boo to the Touch Mobile Management.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Youth And Nation Building, According To Rico Blanco

For musician Rico Blanco, the role of young Filipinos in effecting change does not end after exercising their right to vote in the recent elections.
"Change will not come from a leader, it comes from the people," says Blanco, who used to be the lead singer for Rivermaya and an icon in the local music industry.

Renowned for being a prolific songwriter, he has written songs that are nationalistic in theme including Awit ng Kabataan, a modern-day anthem for the youth, and Posible, which was adopted as theme song by the Philippine team during the 2005 Southeast Asian Games.

While it's good that a lot of young Filipinos show interest in politics, Blanco says very few show interest in nation building. According to reports, the youth comprised almost half of the 50.7 million Filipinos who registered for the country's first ever automated polls.

"You don't just vote for a president and you think you did your part as a good citizen. Nation building is different from just voting (in the elections). But it's good that a lot of them went out to vote and we hope that momentum results in doing their part for nation building," he says.

Asked to comment on incoming set of leaders by June 30, Blanco says everyone should take a pro-active stance in supporting and advocating for government reform regardless of who sits as the country's president down to the local positions.

"I didn't endorse anyone (in the elections). Whoever the leader is, let's help out, huwag na tayong maging pasaway. Let's cooperate but remain vigilant as well. Bantayan natin kung may kalokohan na ginagawa. Kung wala naman, cooperate naman tayo. Yun ang kulang sa atin, sadly," he says.


Saturday, May 1, 2010

Charice Makes It To The Top With "Pyramid"

Charice Is Absolutely At The Top Baby!

Charice is definitely going global after the release of her single “Pyramid” in which her labelmate Iyaz is featured both in the song and music video. And just last April 12 Charice debuted “Pyramid” music video in the U.S. with a 24-hour exclusive on Oprah who has been a huge supporter of the 17-year-old, tagging her as one of the most talented girls in the world, has reportedly invited Charice to perform on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” on May 11 to launch her first international album ‘Charice’.

The video was shot at the Orpheum Theatre, in downtown Los Angeles last March 8. The video connects the song through its lyrics not just the title per se. A big part of the video shows Charice taking the mic and starts imagining to be performing before a huge empty theater, after not making it to the audition call-backs. And Iyaz from the audience seat records her performance using his video phone and shows that his support for Charice is forever to stay just like a pyramid no matter what kind of storm or earthquake may come their way.

“Pyramid” is a collaboration with Iyaz, who’s famous for the international smash hit “Replay”—the # 1 song in UK & U.S. in the past months. On the other hand, “Pyramid” currently holds the #1 spot on RX 93.1’s radio chart for three consecutive weeks now. And is constantly climbing other radio charts in the metro. “Pyramid” is one of the newest and hottest songs at the moment; hence it is garnering a lot of airplay all over town! She’s undeniably at the top with all the success she has incurred for the past years, starting from bottom-up, this song can symbolize as her career being built solidly on the ground, just like a pyramid.

Also, Pyramid now has 15 remixes— from notable DJs Barry Harris, Jonathan Peters, and Dave Aude. These are currently available for download on & iTunes.


Greyhoundz Live In Bohol

Last night April 30, 2009, i was watching this rock band Greyhounndz performed live in Bohol. The event was sponsored by Touch Mobile (TM) in part of Tagbilaran City Fiesta. This four membered band (2 Boholanos, 1 from Part of Mindanao and 1 Ilocano) just rock the Tagbilaran City Port.

It was also a night of surprises like games, free shirts (that unfortunately i did not got one for myself LOLz) and raffles draws of course sponsored by TM. The entrance was only 30 pesos with 1 free raffle coupon and a free TM Sim Card. Their are also local Boholano Bands who did there performance like the Brownbuds and other Boholano uprising bands before the main event of the night.

It was a loud performance and the crowd just bang their there heads to the fullest. The screams, the lights and   the music really make a remarkable feeling watching their performed. Most favorite tracks include "Shoot to Kill", "Alak Pa", "Battle Cry", the Bisayan song "Gunner" and of course the song who completed the night with its remarkable screams "hupaw huhupaw huhupaw" the song "Pigface".

Also the DJs of Local Boholano FM station with their stunning beauty who rule the show added spices on the event.

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