Monday, November 1, 2010

Parokya Ni Edgar Middle-Aged Juvenile Novelty Pop Rockers

One of the most favorite band in the Philippines music industry "Parokya Ni Edgar" had already released there newest album  Middle-Aged Juvenile Novelty Pop Rockers. The songs on these album shows how the band had grown up maturely as an artists but still remains comedic in their style of writing and arranging songs.

First here in my review is the song "Lolo Bye", I don't know what to do while listening on this song, should I sleep or bang until the end of the song. It was like listening a lullaby in a twist of rock.

The song "Ok Lang Ako" says what love can really do. It's about being faithful to an unfaithful, sacrificing for the sake of love and loving unconditionally. It's a tragic song that conveys a message that its better to be hurt sometimes than being sad for the whole life. Its shows the other side of being a Parokya Ni Edgar.

The song "One Hit Combo" featuring Gloc 9 is a tribute song for the artists who inspired the band on their starting days like Eraserheads and Francis M. Its a nice combination of a band and a rap artists. Its not hard to listen because its guitar driven.

The song "Orange" was my favorite on this album, its shows how artistic are the Parokya Ni Edgar members was, writing a song just all about an Orange fruit. It always reminds us that how small a thing is, it could still have a very nice story to be sung. I like its tune and hoe the way it was arranged.

"Original Song" tells how nice being in a band. It's really a Parokya Ni Edgar style with a little twist of Apo Hiking Societies' San Na Nga Ba Ang Barkada. It's a practical song for a band member who just want to rock n' roll for his entire life.

The song "Pakiusap Lang (Lasingin Nyo Ako) tells a story of a lover who just want to have a good time with his friends to forget his heartaches.

The song "Pangarap Lang Kita" tells a classic story, like movies, a poor boy being in love with a rich girl and a girl who can't express her feelings to a boy. This song could really happen in a real life that's why I'm sure many of its listeners could relate on this song, It also includes Korean lyrics on the song that maybe Korean lovers out there will sure want to check out. Hope they could relate on it too.

The song "Red Pants" reminds me of "The Beatles" and "The Platters". It's like listening to an old song. I like the way it was included on this wacky album (although the song was really wacky too). Maybe my parents would like it too. All I understand on this song is that "Red pants are not so good to look at" Lols. Good thing is I'm not really wearing red pants at all.

The song "Reunion (Panahon Ng Kasiyahan)" is like the later Parokya Ni Edgar rendering a song for a Fast Food jingle. Although its new lyrics is nice, I still like the original lyrics.

And last but not the least, the song "Walong Baso", I thought it's a song like "Tama Na Yan Inuman Na" but I was wrong. It's a nice song that tells us that it is important to drink 8 glasses of water a day. Maybe my little siblings should listen in this song. Maybe I should drink 8 glasses of water too to prevent sickness.
All in all, I could say that the album was good, I like the style, the band still remains as being a Parokya Ni Edgar as time goes by. Kudus Parokya Ni Edgar.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Rocksteady Live in Bohol

TM (Touch Mobile) ASTIGFEST bring Rocksteady live in Bohol as part of Sandugo Celebration. This four wacky guys just rock the Boholanos as they sung their hit singles like "Ayos Lang Ako", "Break Na Tayo", "Lagi Mo Nalang Akong Dinededma", "Leslie" to name a few. Teddy Curpos the lead singer of the band take the night to its highest level with his unique way to entertain people not just in singing but also in his joke that surely make everybody laugh, most remarkable thing he does was when his start singing "Narda by Kamikazee and Inserting three more song after singing their first song on that night "Ayos Land Ako" then he said this "O apat na kaagad yun, siguro naman pwede na kaming umuwi" that made the crowd keep asking for more songs.
Second is when he insert "Street Vending Love Poetry" on the song "Lagi Mo Nalang Akong Dinededma". Teddy seems to have a lot of jokes to spice up the concert. Hes just like a child playing on the spotlight, smoke machine and whatever he wants to do, he does it keeping his Rakista image on the stage.
Six lucky Boholanas are given a favor to kissed and be kissed by Teddy, he he he how amazing to be a rockstar having beautiful girls falling in line just to have a kiss.

The band really had its solid communication to its other. The lead guitarist was playful too strumming the strings and also the bassist and the drummer were both good that made the whole event loud and crazy.
"Boy Kulot" was the last song perforned by the band, it was stunning to have a grand finale like that. That concert was just short but its worth it. Maybe those who came to watch really enjoyed even after the whole day of Sandugo Festival Activities.

Only I don't like was the TM service on the event. Suppose to be they are selling tickets for Php20.00 each with a raffle coupon and a TM sim. But some of the tickets don't include the raffle coupon, a big lose of a chance of winning the prices on the draw. Another thing is, they have chair in front of the stage for VIP pass but they did not clearly announce how to avail the VIP pass that made us stay too far from the stage to take a close up picture of the band.
I could finally say that the band was good but the sponsor was totally a crap.
Good Job Rocksteady and Boo to the Touch Mobile Management.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Youth And Nation Building, According To Rico Blanco

For musician Rico Blanco, the role of young Filipinos in effecting change does not end after exercising their right to vote in the recent elections.
"Change will not come from a leader, it comes from the people," says Blanco, who used to be the lead singer for Rivermaya and an icon in the local music industry.

Renowned for being a prolific songwriter, he has written songs that are nationalistic in theme including Awit ng Kabataan, a modern-day anthem for the youth, and Posible, which was adopted as theme song by the Philippine team during the 2005 Southeast Asian Games.

While it's good that a lot of young Filipinos show interest in politics, Blanco says very few show interest in nation building. According to reports, the youth comprised almost half of the 50.7 million Filipinos who registered for the country's first ever automated polls.

"You don't just vote for a president and you think you did your part as a good citizen. Nation building is different from just voting (in the elections). But it's good that a lot of them went out to vote and we hope that momentum results in doing their part for nation building," he says.

Asked to comment on incoming set of leaders by June 30, Blanco says everyone should take a pro-active stance in supporting and advocating for government reform regardless of who sits as the country's president down to the local positions.

"I didn't endorse anyone (in the elections). Whoever the leader is, let's help out, huwag na tayong maging pasaway. Let's cooperate but remain vigilant as well. Bantayan natin kung may kalokohan na ginagawa. Kung wala naman, cooperate naman tayo. Yun ang kulang sa atin, sadly," he says.


Saturday, May 1, 2010

Charice Makes It To The Top With "Pyramid"

Charice Is Absolutely At The Top Baby!

Charice is definitely going global after the release of her single “Pyramid” in which her labelmate Iyaz is featured both in the song and music video. And just last April 12 Charice debuted “Pyramid” music video in the U.S. with a 24-hour exclusive on Oprah who has been a huge supporter of the 17-year-old, tagging her as one of the most talented girls in the world, has reportedly invited Charice to perform on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” on May 11 to launch her first international album ‘Charice’.

The video was shot at the Orpheum Theatre, in downtown Los Angeles last March 8. The video connects the song through its lyrics not just the title per se. A big part of the video shows Charice taking the mic and starts imagining to be performing before a huge empty theater, after not making it to the audition call-backs. And Iyaz from the audience seat records her performance using his video phone and shows that his support for Charice is forever to stay just like a pyramid no matter what kind of storm or earthquake may come their way.

“Pyramid” is a collaboration with Iyaz, who’s famous for the international smash hit “Replay”—the # 1 song in UK & U.S. in the past months. On the other hand, “Pyramid” currently holds the #1 spot on RX 93.1’s radio chart for three consecutive weeks now. And is constantly climbing other radio charts in the metro. “Pyramid” is one of the newest and hottest songs at the moment; hence it is garnering a lot of airplay all over town! She’s undeniably at the top with all the success she has incurred for the past years, starting from bottom-up, this song can symbolize as her career being built solidly on the ground, just like a pyramid.

Also, Pyramid now has 15 remixes— from notable DJs Barry Harris, Jonathan Peters, and Dave Aude. These are currently available for download on & iTunes.


Greyhoundz Live In Bohol

Last night April 30, 2009, i was watching this rock band Greyhounndz performed live in Bohol. The event was sponsored by Touch Mobile (TM) in part of Tagbilaran City Fiesta. This four membered band (2 Boholanos, 1 from Part of Mindanao and 1 Ilocano) just rock the Tagbilaran City Port.

It was also a night of surprises like games, free shirts (that unfortunately i did not got one for myself LOLz) and raffles draws of course sponsored by TM. The entrance was only 30 pesos with 1 free raffle coupon and a free TM Sim Card. Their are also local Boholano Bands who did there performance like the Brownbuds and other Boholano uprising bands before the main event of the night.

It was a loud performance and the crowd just bang their there heads to the fullest. The screams, the lights and   the music really make a remarkable feeling watching their performed. Most favorite tracks include "Shoot to Kill", "Alak Pa", "Battle Cry", the Bisayan song "Gunner" and of course the song who completed the night with its remarkable screams "hupaw huhupaw huhupaw" the song "Pigface".

Also the DJs of Local Boholano FM station with their stunning beauty who rule the show added spices on the event.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tears For Fears Live in Manila

The concert everyone has been waiting for is nearly here! May 2, 2010 marks the first time Tears For Fears performs in Manila. You can see Tears For Fears perform at the Araneta Coliseum on May 2, 2010.

For ticket inquiries call Ticketnet at 911-5555. You can also log on to

Chart toppers Tears for Fears, an English pop rock duo formed in the early 1980s by Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith, is one of the biggest and best-loved bands during pre and post music video era. Recently, they staged one of the most unexpected reunions in pop music history. Tears For Fears were the rulers of the 1980s airwaves. They still reign in the hearts of multitudes who have long been waiting to watch them live! They continue to sell out shows throughout the world and maintain their status as one of pop music's more productive musical collaborations having sold more than 22 million albums worldwide.


Friday, March 19, 2010

New York Post Crowns Charice As New Pop Princess

International singer Charice has been dubbed a "newly crowned pop princess" by the New York Post.

Charice's song "Pyramid" was cited in New York Post's PopWrap's fave five article for March 17. ( It identified Charice as a "new little chick...who's mountain-and-valley vocals (that means range, kids) are the only reason you will need to fall in love with her sound."

The article also featured four other songs including Psapp's "Mister Ant," Lady GaGa's "Telephone: an Electrolightz remix," Gin Wigmore's "Don't Stop" and Matisse's "Better Than Her." It added that this week's fave five "will have your bottom uncontrollably shimmying out of your kilt."

AM New Song List as of March 19, 2010


1. Over- Drake- Watch YouTube
2. I Made It( Cash Money Heroes)- Kevin Rudolf ft. Lil Wayne Birdman & Jay Sean- Watch YouTube
3. Highway 20 Ride- Zac Brown Band- Watch YouTube
4. Angels Cry- Mariah Carey & Ne-Yo- Watch YouTube

1. Miss You Like Crazy- Erik Santos- Watch YouTube
2. How Can I- Gary Valenciano- Watch YouTube
3. Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough- Jennylyn Mercado- Watch YouTube
4. Go Go Dance- Mr. Bones and the Boneyard Circus-Watch YouTube

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Chicosci Gains Ground In Asia

With a rock solid local following and a string of chart-topping hits, Filipino rock band Chicosci is currently conquering Asia as they further gain ground in the regional music scene. Having already toured in countries like Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand, the band recently wrapped up a show last February in Hong Kong with post-hardcore legends, Glassjaw. Being huge fans of the New York-based band, the boys describe the opportunity of a lifetime. Asked about their experience, vocalist Miggy Chavez muses in disbelief, “Not in a million years did we think we’d be opening for our heroes. It was never on our ‘to-do list’ because we always thought it wouldn’t be possible.”

Aside from Glassjaw, Chicosci has also opened for other popular international acts like Fall Out Boy, Good Charlotte and Thursday. In a recent show in Manila, Saosin vocalist Cove Reber got a chance to hear Chicosci’s music and responded in recent tweet, saying “Listening to (Typecast) and Chicosci. I miss those dudes. Manila support your scene! Everyone else, these bands rule.”

If these aren’t enough, Chicosci’s first single off of their latest release—Fly Black Hearts—has recently been named the “Favorite Rock Video” at the 2010 MYX Music Awards. The video, helmed by the visually driven style of director Pancho Esguerra, was said to have made a good impression on another foreign musician: MAE vocalist, Dave Elkins.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Timbaland Live Concert In Manila With Jojo And Special Guest

Grammy-award winning rapper, singer and producer Timothy Zachery Mosley, or also known as Timbaland is coming to Manila and will have his concert on March 27, 2010, Saturday at the SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds.

Timbaland, who’s gave color to hits such as “Give It To Me”, “The Way I Are”, “Apologize”, “Morning After Dark”, “Say Something”, “Carry Out”, “If We Ever Meet Again”, among others will do a concert here together with Jojo and a special surprise guest. He’s also been known for collaborations with big names in the music industry such as Mariah Carey, Wyclef Jean, Missy Elliott, Keshia Chanté, Jay-Z, Leona Lewis, Nelly Furtado, Katy Perry and a lot more.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Journey's Arnel Pineda Says Sorry To NHI

Arnel Pineda, the Filipino frontman of rock band Journey, apologized Tuesday to the National Historical Institute (NHI) for singing the Philippine national anthem incorrectly during the March 13 bout between Pinoy boxing champ Manny Pacquiao and Ghanaian challenger Joshua Clottey.
"I apologize for my dissatisfactory performance dun sa fight ni Pacquiao and Clottey sa Dallas, Texas, according to their standards. What can I do? I'm just doing my job... but then again hindi ako sorry kasi artistic freedom ko yon. It doesn't make me less of a Filipino dahil sa nabago ang pagkakanta," Pineda said in an interview.
Pineda said that he really did his best to represent the country while singing the anthem. The NHI earlier said it is looking into the possibility of filing a complaint against him.
"Ano ba ang bago?  'Yong traditional na pagkanta ng 'Lupang Hinirang' ang gusto nilang marinig. On my part, I'm just doing my artistic freedom. I was there as Filipino representing Pacquiao and the Philippines. 'Yun ang importante," Pineda added.
On Monday, Teddy Atienza, chief of NHI’s Heraldry Section, told that the board was not pleased when it heard Pineda’s version of “Lupang Hinirang” during the Pacquiao-Clottey fight in the United States.
Atienza lamented that Pineda sang the anthem slowly instead of of its original march tempo. He also scored the singer for belting out the last 2 words of “Lupang Hinirang” and being out of tune.
He said this was a clear violation of Republic Act (RA) 8491. RA 8491 prescribes that any person who will violate its provisions may be punished by a fine of at least P20,000 or imprisonment of not more than one year.
Pineda, meanwhile, admitted that he went off-pitch near the end of the song because he could no longer hear himself sing.

"Alam ko naman na nag-flat ako kasi ang parte na yon na nagsimula ng magsigawan ang tao. Wala akong ear monitor. Hindi ko na marinig ang sarili ko noong pumapasok ako doon sa line na 'lupa ng araw ng luwalhati't pagsinta.' Sumisigaw na sila, highlight ng melody ng kanta 'yon sa unti-unti hindi ko naririnig," he said.
Aside from his performance, Pineda is also being criticized for wearing a cowboy-inspired polo instead of the traditional Barong Tagalog.
In the interview, the crooner cleared that what he wore during the Pacman-Clottey bout was a modern Barong Tagalog made by Filipino fashion designer Ariel Agasang.
"Barong 'yon. 'Yon ang modern barong gawa ni Filipino designer na si Ariel Agasang na siya ding gumawa ng damit para kay Piolo Pascual," he said.

Martin defends Arnel
Pineda was not the first singer to be reprimanded by the NHI for singing the anthem wrong. Other singers who have been reprimanded by the NHI are balladeer Jennifer Bautista, Christian Bautista, international singing sensation Charice and Concert King Martin Nievera.
In an interview with ABS-CBN's morning show "Umagang Kay Ganda," Nievera said Pineda performed very well during the Pacquiao-Clottey fight.
"Well unang-una ginawa niya yon from the heart. Obviously binago din ang ending. For me, I see nothing wrong with that dahil hindi naman ako kasama sa NHI. For me, I think Arnel did a very good job," he said.
Nievera also said that as a rocker, Pineda should be given some leeway if he went off-pitch during the song.
"Well siguro si Arnel pinili niya 'yong isang key na masyadong mataas ang umpisa. Pero feeling ko lang dahil siyempre lead singer ng Journey, rock and roll yan, ang mga rockers kasama sa boses nila 'yan na may konting basag o kanting paos o konting crack sa voice so parang poetic license yon para sa isang rock singer katulad ni Arnel," Nievera said.

Nievera also shared that singing live in front of thousands of screaming fans could cause any singer to hit some bad notes.
"Kasama din 'yon na may konting nerves at konting excitement din. Siyempre, maraming pride 'yon na tumatakbo sa utak at puso niya. May pride din. Kasama din yun sa 51,000 screaming fans," Nievera said.
While saying that Pineda had nothing to apologize for, Nievera did advise the Journey frontman to get a lawyer who will help him write a letter of apology to the NHI. 

Sunday, March 14, 2010

In The Studio With Justin Bieber And Sean Kingston

It looks like Justin is more professional than Sean....

Friday, March 12, 2010

Music Miscellaneous

The Royal Chains' New Ep

NYC Band The Royal Chains just released a new EP 'Bear Island' on Mike Hinderts (bassist of The Bravery) new label, Merrifield Records.

Also, Merrifield Records will be having a SXSW showcase this year. It's going to be March 20th, 4pm-10pm at The Tiniest Bar In Texas, featuring The Young Jaguars, The Growlers, Thee Lexington Arrows, The Royal Chains, The Safes, Nikki And The Weeps and The Danvilles feat.Ihsan Bilal (The Danvilles is Mikes band).

Slash, Engelbert Humperdinck and Dave Stewart form Supergroup

Engelbert Humperdinck might be the new singer for Velvet Revolver. Then maybe again, he won`t. But he did perform with Slash and Dave Stewart this week.

Engelbert Humperdinck, Slash and Dave Stewart got together as supergroup Faster Disaster on Canadian TV show The Hour.
read full story

Robert Pattinson wants to release an album this year 
The 'Twilight’ actor is keen to venture into the music world but says he will have to take a break from acting as he wouldn’t be able to combine his two passions.

He said: "I kind of want to do an album at the end of the year. All my friends are recording albums and I'm very annoyed about it. But I can't do two things at once. I don't know how people like Jennifer Lopez can act and also sing. I'm just like, 'I can't.' But, hopefully, I'll find some time to get it together."

Lady Gaga could fall for a woman 

Lady Gaga could fall in love with a woman.

The 'Bad Romance' singer - who has previously admitted to be being bisexual - insists she has no boundaries on her relationships but views love and sex as two very separate things.

When asked if she could see herself falling for a woman, she said: "Of course. There are no rules or limits when it comes to love. But I see love as separate from sex.

"And I happen to love male sexuality. Men have something I lack, but that I really value."

Gaga claims the search to find love fuels her creativity but admits she is worried her career will be over if she settles down.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

AM New Song List as of March 12, 2010


1. Never Let You Go - Justin Bieber - Watch YouTube
2. Ridin' Solo - Jason Derulo - Watch YouTube
3. Lil Freak - User ft. Ninki Minaj - Watch YouTube
4. All The Way Turn Up - Roscoe Dash ft. SOulja Boy Tell'em - Watch YouTube
5. American Honey - Lady ANtebellum - Watch YouTube
6. Temporary Home - Carrie Underwood - Watch YouTube
7. Little More Country Than That - Easton Corbin - Watch YouTube
8. Halfway Gone - Lifehouse - Watch YouTube

1. Unang Tikim - Kamikazee - Watch YouTube
2. Himala - Jay-R Siaboc and Yeng Constantino - Watch YouTube

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I-Tab Portable Guitar Tab Player Launched

i-tab, the worlds first dedicated portable guitar tab player now launched.

The revolutionary and patented i-tab, for the first time ever, offers guitarists a pocket sized unit that scrolls chords and lyrics in perfect time. The i-tab allows users to download backing tracks and video cover lessons from a massive library of fully legal tabs, tracks and lessons on Once downloaded, the i-tab sits conveniently at the end of your guitar and acts as the ultimate prompt giving you a seamless clear display of chords and lyrics at the tempo of your choice. Now you can take your tab library with you wherever you go and this really will be your best friend on your guitar.

Ideal for players of every level, the i-tab will help you learn songs, remember lyrics whilst storing 100’s of tabs, backing tracks and reels of video. A 4GB memory gives you plenty of room to organise your songs into handy playlists and build your own song library. If you are learning to play you can also download i-tabs free tuition video modules to help you along. Funky video cover lessons will help build your portfolio of cool songs for gigs and parties.

The i-tab unit has a 5' touch screen, in-built speaker and comes with headphones, stylus, USB connector, power charger, soft carry pouch and weighs in at only 0.14kg. The i-tab comes with 30 free song tabs including U2 (Beautiful Day), Oasis (Wonderwall) and The Rolling Stones (Jumping Jack Flash). It also includes TV out leads so you can play synchronized chords, lyrics and backing tracks through the player or through your TV and everyone can sing along!

The i-tab is available to purchase now through for £129 (EU€149, US$199). The first units are shipping mid-March and will hit the streets worldwide from early April 2010. The backing tracks and songs (including the chords and lyrics) can be purchased from the website at a price of 25 pence for the tabs and 50 pence for backing tracks.

For further information visit


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Senti: Ang Song That Makes Me Cry But Still I Love To Listen And Sung A Lot

This is a story about me and of course a girl that i won't be telling her name for her own sake. This girl don't know how much I love her, I can't tell her because she's in love with someone, her boyfriend. I always pretend to be just her close friend, adviser, comforter every time she needs me just to keep in touch of her. One day she texted me, i know that time she had a big problem and I'm right, she had trouble with her guy, of course i have to make her feel OK because that's my only rule for her life. I did not report on my work just to be with her, we eat together in lunch and after that we decided to have a sing-a-long trip just to kill our time, every time she sung a song I fell she dedicated that for her boyfriend, it hurts me but at the same time I'm happy at that moment that we're together. When its my turn to sing I sung this song "Senti" shes not a fan of this song and even shes unfamiliar. Before I started singing i said that that song was for here, so that caught up her attention.

As i sung the song I changed some of the lyrics so she won't realize that that would be the thing i want to say to her. Instead of saying "Sumama naman ako kasi crush kita" I changed it to  "Sumama naman ako kasi friend kita". In fairness that made her laugh, when the song is nearly in complete there's a lyrics saying "Ako mahal kita" I stopped singing because i don't know what to do, should i sung it that way or I changed the lyrics again. I don't want to sung it that way because I don't want here to know that's exactly how I feel for her, that I love her. and the song continued repeating the lyrics "Mahal na mahal" in several times, and I decided to whisper it instead singing it out loud.

While Im whispering the song she stand up and confronted me if is it true that i love her, I did not answer here, all i think is she still have a boyfriend, they got trouble but still they did not split up. I changed the topic and she forgot asking me again that way.

After the fun, we decided to go home, I'm so happy reminiscing what just happen to us. 8:00 PM on the evening i recieved a text from her thanking me for a very fun moment we just shared, I replied that I really enjoy it too and thank her in return. After a few minutes she replied, telling me that they are OK now with her boyfriend.

On that time I don't know what should i feel, should I be happy for her, should i feel sad. I don't know, all i want to do now is to listen to this song "Senti", listen, sung, think about her and my miserable love for her.

‘Journey’ Lead Vocalist Arnel Pineda Will Sing For Pacquiao Vs Clottey Fight

Past reports saying Charice will be singing the Philippine National Anthem for the Pacquiao vs Clottey fight this Sunday were proven untrue as the Journey lead vocalist, Arnel Pineda, will be taking the duty of singing the Philippine National Anthem, “Lupang Hinirang” in the upcoming Manny Pacquiao vs. Joshua Clottey fight. Pineda is a Filipino and was personally invited by the king of the ring, Manny Pacquiao to sing for the Philippines in his next fight.

Arnel Pineda also said he will be arriving at Dallas on Thursday and he is so delightful that finally he can sing for the Pacquiao vs Clottey fight. The famous singer also revealed it was the Manny Pacquiao’s third attempt to invite him, that is why he’s very happy it will finally push through.

The much awaited Manny Pacquiao vs Joshua Clottey fight will be held this Saturday (March 13) – March 14 in Manila at the Cowboys Stadium in Texas.

You can watch Pacquiao vs Clottey fight Livestream Online on Sunday at selected channels over the internet. If you do not want to watch Pacquiao vs Clottey online free livestream, and you are a Filipino fan, then watch Pacquiao vs Clottey Livestream at the UP Theater, commercial-free straight from the US.


Lil Wayne And Eminem's Drop The World' Music Video Debuts

Consider it a parting gift from "Weezy F. Baby" to his fans. On the weekend before his  scheduled prison sentencing, Lil Wayne unveiled the helter-skelter video for "Drop The World," the standout track from his "Rebirth" album.


The clip features the prolific rapper and his guest MC, Eminem, spitting verses in the middle of a bleak, Gotham City-style riot scene filled with skater punks, flaming tires and shattered glass. "I search but never find/ hurt but never cry/ I work and forever try/ but I'm cursed, so nevermind," Wayne states in a matter-of-fact manner before delving into "Drop the World's" hyper-aggressive chorus.

A headstrong Em nearly steals the spotlight from the New Orleans rapper, and the two paint a vivid picture of strength amidst chaos -- something Wayne could sure use right about now.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Twilight Most Downloaded Soundtrack

With Oscars fever gripping movie fans ahead of the 82nd Academy Awards on March 7th, research by Nokia into the listening habits of music fans around the world reveals Twilight has dominated the movie soundtrack charts over the last 12 months.

Twilight didn’t receive a single nomination for last year’s Oscars ceremony, yet appears three times on the list of the world’s most downloaded movie soundtracks for the last 12 months. Recent release AVATAR, up for nine Oscars in 2010, is in second place.

1. Twilight (Original motion picture soundtrack: International Version)
3. Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds
4. Mamma Mia!
5. The Twilight Saga: New Moon (Mexican version)**
6. Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen
7. Alvin And The Chipmunks 2
8. Slumdog Millionaire
9. The Twilight Saga: New Moon (Original motion picture soundtrack)
10. Watchmen

Slumdog Millionaire swept up a staggering eight golden statuettes at last year’s ceremony – including best original song, original score and sound mixing. If listeners’ current favourites could predict this year’s winners, Avatar, Transformers and Inglorious Basterds look set for a night of victory.

Twilight’s global popularity highlights Comes With Music’s international presence, bringing movie lovers in touch with music across the world.

From James Horner’s mysterious AVATAR score to the thrilling melodies of Sherlock Holmes or the eclectic mix of Nine, check out Nokia’s movie soundtrack selection:

If you’re a fan of the music behind the latest movie releases Nokia Comes With Music is the place to download all the music you’ve ever wanted, for free, and to keep forever.


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Nicole Scherzinger To Be joined By New Pussycat Dolls


Nicole Scherzinger has confirmed she is going to be joined by a host of new Pussycat Dolls.

The singer has seen two members of the girl group, Kimberly Wyatt and Ashley Roberts, quit in the last week but rather than be worried for the band’s future Nicole is excited about the new members coming in.

Nicole – who has been in discussions with group founder Robin Antin about the incoming members - said: 'We're going to have a new cast of Dolls. And I'm excited.'

The 31-year-old pop beauty has been in the studio working on new material for the next Pussycat Dolls album and insists fans should start getting excited.

She added to MTV News: 'Right now I've been in the studio working on music non-stop. We're going to have another Pussycat Dolls album for all of our fans out there, but that's going to be late this year.

"I'm still Nicky Doll. And I'm just ploughing away in the studio making music that I love."

However, not all of the tracks Nicole is currently working on will definitely make the next Pussycat Dolls album.

She explained: 'I don't know if I'm going to put all the new music out under my name yet or if it's going to be perfect for the Dolls.

'It doesn't matter. I just want to make great music for the fans.'


Celebrities Pay Tribute To Francis M On First Death Anniversary

Celebrities paid tribute to Filipino music icon Francis Magalona on Saturday in a mix of sorrow and celebration, exactly a year after the rapper-songwriter succumbed to leukemia.
Magalona's actress-daughter Maxene, clad in shirts bearing her father's face, led a group of rappers in singing the Magalona hits "Man from Manila" and "Higante" on the noontime show Eat Bulaga.
The show's hosts, led by Vic Sotto and Joey de Leon, presented a bust of the rapper to his family led by his widow Pia Magalona.

"Ngayong araw na nagpaalam tayo [kay] Kiko Magalona..Pasasalamat na rin ito para sa buong pamilya Magalona sa pagbibigay sa amin ng pagkakataon na maging bahagi ng Eat Bulaga si Francis Magalona. Tanggapin niyo ito mula sa lahat ng nagmamahal kay Kiko. Ito ang alaala ni Kiko. Patuloy na mananatili siya sa ating mga puso," a teary-eyed Sotto said.

(On this date we said goodbye to Kiko Magalona. Now it’s also to say thanks to the whole Magalona family for giving us the chance for Francis Magalona to be part of Eat Bulaga. Accept this [token of appreciation] from all who love Kiko. This is in his memory. He will remain always in our hearts.)
"At kung lumuha man noon ang Eat Bulaga, ang araw na ito naman ngayon ay gagawin naming pasasalamat, dahil nakasama namin ang nag-iisang kagaya ni Kiko… Salamat Kiko sa lahat ng magagandang alaalang iniwan mo. Ilang taon man ang dumaan, hinding hindi namin makakalimutan. We love you, Kiko, and we miss you," De Leon said.

(And if all of Eat Bulaga was teary-eyed that day, this day in turn we will make into a thanksgiving, because we knew a unique person like Kiko. Thanks Kiko for all the great memories you left us. Years may pass, but we will never forget. We love you, Kiko, and we miss you.)

Magalona, more popularly known as Kiko, co-hosted the noontime show with De Leon and Sotto, among others, even during his ordeal with leukemia.

"Maraming salamat sa Eat Bulaga for this tribute to my dearest Francis M. Maraming salamat sa lahat ng suporta sa mga awit na ginawa niya, sa pakikinig sa kanyang mga tinuturo..You should not feel bad. You should celebrate life, kasi iyon ang gusto ni Francis M., na i-celebrate niya iyong sarili niyang buhay para gumanda talaga itong bansang Pilipinas. Kanya-kanya tayong gawa sa sarili natin," Pia Magalona said to loud applause from the audience.

(Many thanks to Eat Bulaga for this tribute to my dearest Francis M. Many thanks for all the support for all the songs he made, for listening to his messages. You should not feel bad. You should celebrate life, because that’s what Francis M.would have wanted, that he celebrate his own life to help glorify our country Philippines. Each of us are doing what we can.)

Magalona passed away on March 6, 2009 at the age of 44. Considered a legend in the Filipino music industry, Magalona's popular songs include "Kaleidoscope World," "Mga Kababayan," "Halalan," "Meron Akong Ano!"


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