Sunday, May 23, 2010

Youth And Nation Building, According To Rico Blanco

For musician Rico Blanco, the role of young Filipinos in effecting change does not end after exercising their right to vote in the recent elections.
"Change will not come from a leader, it comes from the people," says Blanco, who used to be the lead singer for Rivermaya and an icon in the local music industry.

Renowned for being a prolific songwriter, he has written songs that are nationalistic in theme including Awit ng Kabataan, a modern-day anthem for the youth, and Posible, which was adopted as theme song by the Philippine team during the 2005 Southeast Asian Games.

While it's good that a lot of young Filipinos show interest in politics, Blanco says very few show interest in nation building. According to reports, the youth comprised almost half of the 50.7 million Filipinos who registered for the country's first ever automated polls.

"You don't just vote for a president and you think you did your part as a good citizen. Nation building is different from just voting (in the elections). But it's good that a lot of them went out to vote and we hope that momentum results in doing their part for nation building," he says.

Asked to comment on incoming set of leaders by June 30, Blanco says everyone should take a pro-active stance in supporting and advocating for government reform regardless of who sits as the country's president down to the local positions.

"I didn't endorse anyone (in the elections). Whoever the leader is, let's help out, huwag na tayong maging pasaway. Let's cooperate but remain vigilant as well. Bantayan natin kung may kalokohan na ginagawa. Kung wala naman, cooperate naman tayo. Yun ang kulang sa atin, sadly," he says.



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