Saturday, May 1, 2010

Greyhoundz Live In Bohol

Last night April 30, 2009, i was watching this rock band Greyhounndz performed live in Bohol. The event was sponsored by Touch Mobile (TM) in part of Tagbilaran City Fiesta. This four membered band (2 Boholanos, 1 from Part of Mindanao and 1 Ilocano) just rock the Tagbilaran City Port.

It was also a night of surprises like games, free shirts (that unfortunately i did not got one for myself LOLz) and raffles draws of course sponsored by TM. The entrance was only 30 pesos with 1 free raffle coupon and a free TM Sim Card. Their are also local Boholano Bands who did there performance like the Brownbuds and other Boholano uprising bands before the main event of the night.

It was a loud performance and the crowd just bang their there heads to the fullest. The screams, the lights and   the music really make a remarkable feeling watching their performed. Most favorite tracks include "Shoot to Kill", "Alak Pa", "Battle Cry", the Bisayan song "Gunner" and of course the song who completed the night with its remarkable screams "hupaw huhupaw huhupaw" the song "Pigface".

Also the DJs of Local Boholano FM station with their stunning beauty who rule the show added spices on the event.


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